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Quality Assurance

Our QA department is staffed with highly trained and experienced personnel and is expertly equipped with a comprehensive collection of certified inspection equipment. Our OGP Smartscope is an industry leading XYZ video inspection system with amazing accuracy of .00002” scale resolution. For repetitive inspection, as in production, auto-run routines can be stored to measure complex parts accurately and efficiently.

Two independent reviews of the purchase order is where our QA begins, determining that there are no questions or conflicts regarding dimensions, material, quantities or delivery dates. The print is then reviewed by experienced personnel involved in the set up and production and individual inspection reports are made for each operation that is required to produce the part. All special needs and instructions are documented and inspection intervals are then assigned based on tolerances, quantities or complexity of the part.

Certified to produce MIL-I-45208-compliant components, we perform quality assurance tests such as first article, in-process, final, and receiving inspection. Our sampling procedures are compliant with ANSI/ASQC Z 1.4-1993 standards. We maintain all our inspection equipment with a strict and documented calibration system. All inspection reports, material certs and vendor certs are archived and available for the customers review.

Download our QC Manual to learn more. (PDF - 785 KB)

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Quality Assurance Capabilities

QA Processes
  • First, interval, final, receiving inspections
  • Quality control manual, MIL-I-45208 compliant
  • Sampling per ANSI/ASQC Z 1.4-1993
  • Material and vendor certification
  • All records available upon request
  • All equipment maintained with strict calibration system
Inspection Department
OGP Smart Scope Flash 200 Video Measuring System
ST Industries 22-2600 30" (765mm) 20X Optical Projector with Quadra Check 2000 computer
Starret HB 35 14" (550mm) 20x Optical Projector
Titan 10-40X Lab Microscope
MG Precision Gage Block Set

A complete compliment of certified thread gages, pin gages, digital and manual micrometers, calipers, dial indicators, etc.

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